Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver review

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver doesn’t cost as much as the Pitbull Gold and Platinum models, but it still provides a comfortable, close shave, like many of the best electric head shavers . “This shaver is slick,” said one of our testers about the Pitbull Silver. “It’s a lot smoother and faster than I thought it would be.”

We rated it similarly to Skull Shaver’s Bald Eagle Smart-G – a previous generation model that, incidentally, costs more. The Pitbull Silver features Skull Shaver’s patented, ergonomic design. Its comes with the series’ standard flat blades, but you can upgrade the blades if you’d like. The price difference between them is about $10, and blade replacement is recommended every five months.

You can hold Pitbull shavers several ways: You can clutch the top with your whole hand, or you can slide the shaver between your fingers. The second grip puts the blades beneath your palm and lets you feel for missed spots as you shave. You can shave wet or dry based on your preference. If you shave wet, shaving foam is preferred over gel, which can clog the cutting heads because it’s so sticky and dense.

The Pitbull Silver’s battery only lasts 30 minutes, but it takes just an hour to recharge. Like each of Skull Shavers’ head shavers , its voltage is adaptable worldwide. It has an LED low-battery indicator and can be used as the battery charges. The shaver’s motor turns at up to 10,000 RPM, just like those in more expensive Pitbull models.

Features & Accessories

While Pitbull shavers are designed to be head shavers, they are also effective on the face and the neck. Your shave won’t be quite as clean as a with a razor, but our testers say they come pretty close.

You can buy the Pitbull Silver without accessories or in a kit with a rinse stand and travel case. The rinse stand makes cleaning more convenient, but a shallow bowl serves the same purpose just fine.

Pitbull shavers aren’t completely submersible, but they are water-resistant and durable. A strong casing protects the blades from accidental drops and jolts, and you can safely shave cordlessly in the shower. If you’re looking for similar shavers for women, Skull Shaver has a Butterfly Pro line.

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Warranty & Support

Skull Shaver warranties the Pitbull Silver for one year and provides customer service via phone and email. There’s no user guide published online, but instructions come in its package.

The Pitbull Silver is our best value pick because it performs so well for its price. The Gold and Platinum models are shinier, but the Silver holds its own with no shame.

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